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How to Create a Lead Magnet

A few months ago, I used to work as an Associate Inbound Marketer for an SEO agency in the Philippines. In February of 2021 my team released the one and only State of SEO report as a lead magnet in the country.

This report alone gave us hundreds of leads, and resulted in a 650% increase in our conversions compared to the previous quarter.

Here’s how we did it.

What kind of lead magnet did we create?

As I mentioned earlier, it’s called the State of SEO in the Philippines 2022 report. You can click the image below and it will take you to the landing page.

State of SEO 2022 report

The lead magnet contains 77 pages of well-researched content detailing:

The search landscape in the country

  • The ROI the industries we’ve partnered with have gained from our work
  • Company improvements and digital marketing forecasts
  • How we fare versus our competitors
  • And so on and so forth.

You can check the screenshots below from the preview for the table of contents.

state of seo first screenshot
state of seo second screenshot
state of seo third screenshot

What was the process of creating the lead magnet?

I have to be honest.

It was pretty brutal.

And that’s why I’m happy it actually translated to a tangible outcome.

It took us around 4 months, give or take, to produce this lead magnet. You see, the process went like this:

You research the different state of SEO reports available (there are quite a number of those).

Surprisingly, what we settled on as our sample wasn’t even a state of SEO report—it was a company report by Stacked Marketer. The one they give away when you first sign up. We liked the honesty.

You create an outline.

It’s integral that you follow the outline but don’t become attached to it. We started with around 7 sections then expanded it to 10. It was only when we were already writing that we realized the outline we had was extremely thin and we had to add more.

You delegate jobs based on the outline of your lead magnet.

If you’re lucky, you’re not a one-person team. Pick and choose what you want to do, then make sure you do it and submit on the agreed deadline. I decided to do the computations (I do not recommend unless you’re a numbers person).

You do the math.

Quite literally. I had a spreadsheet containing all our clients, divided into their industries. I analyzed their performance a year ago (we have a one year lock-in because SEO is a long game) versus the present (I got the numbers using Google Analytics). Checked industry rates. Crunched the numbers.

You make sure the logic of your outline flows.

Our sections were arranged very differently initially. When we started writing and putting it all together, we realized that the narrative was kind of scrambled. So we had to re-arrange things. Again, don’t marry your outline.

You research and fact-check.

You don’t want to give erroneous data or accidentally mislead your readers because you interpreted things differently. You read the whole thing, fact-check any claims, then update or remove them if necessary.

You submit for checking.

Here comes the fun part. Sometimes you think you’re done, then the CEO checks your work and says, “No one’s going to understand that.”

In fact, he had to step in and help crunch the numbers, cause I made things more complicated than necessary.

So… you rewrite your lead magnet draft.

Make sure it’s easy to understand. Not because your readers are dumb, but because they are busy and don’t have the time to interpret what you’re saying.

For example, we were writing for C-level folks. It was integral that the highlights were front and center, and we had concrete numbers to back them up.

You submit it for design.

Make sure you give complete instructions. I would suggest to have a peg or two for your designers, just so you all have an understanding as to what you want the document to look like once they’re finished.

You proofread everything.

As a person, I’m extremely anal. I can spot an extra space between words a mile away and it will grind my gears unless it gets fixed. So, yes, it’s a long document, and you’re going to read it. Then read it again. Each typo, missing link, wrong color—you have to edit them.

You save it on your Google Drive or whatever it is you use.

Make sure to give the proper permissions. I set it to view only so that folks can’t come around deleting the file.

You’re not done. You need a landing page, a form, and an email sequence.

Creating your landing page, form, and email sequence.

If you have a copywriter and email marketer on board, I suggest turning over the files and instructions to them. If you don’t, here are the instructions.

Write your copy.

At this point, I’ve written zero landing page copies, but that did not stop me. I did my research. If you have a copywriter or you yourself are one, at least you don’t need to worry about messing it up.

My favorite resource is Harry Dry’s Marketing Examples. This is the most useful resource I found when it comes to writing landing pages. I suggest you check it out.

✅ Have trouble writing copy? Check out my review of Jasper.

Create your landing page design.

I like to go on Google Docs and format the document exactly how I would like the landing page to look before sending it off to the dev team. Don’t forget your buttons and your CTA!

Add the form.

If your CRM has a form, you can use that. Create the form there, copy the code, and send it to your web development team.

Submit the whole thing to the team that will build the landing page.

Again, give your instructions. Don’t forget to give a URL!

Lastly, build your email sequence.

I like to link to the document using a CTA in the email people will get when they fill up the form in the landing page. Some people like to do a direct download type where once the form is filled, the file automatically saves in their computer. I don’t do that. Also, don’t treat your email sequence as an afterthought. You’re finally having a one-on-one conversation with your subscriber—don’t waste it.

So there you have it.

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